Artist statement

In my work I look for the direct and in some sense naive expression. Folk art, from many different cultural contexts, is a major influence. During travels to West Africa, Indonesia, the Himalayas, California, British Columbia, Central Europe, and Sápmi in the northern part of Sweden, I have done research concentrating on the transformational aspect of local art traditions.

My work is very intuitive. Its focus lies on trying to capture a presence. The hardest thing is to give up control and let the energy of the sculpture or painting seek you out. Using recycled materials, such as old newspapers and plastic bags, I want to engage in a dialogue with something that already has a history of its own.


Countee Cullen Library & Gallery


Born in Sweden, Cecilia Nelson studied journalism, art and philosophy at University of Gothenburg. During the last years she has studied sculpture at National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York, where she has participated in the juried show Creative Mischief at National Academy Museum, 2016 and 2017. Recently she has had two solo shows in New York, one at Countee Cullen Library and Gallery and the other at Church of Sweden. Nelson has also had exhibitions in Stockholm, Sweden, in Poland and Finland. She has received several scholarships.

In addition to her work as an artist, Nelson is a journalist and a writer. 

Images: Cecilia Nelson, Girl in White Dress, recycled paper and plastic, 2016, at the exhibition Creative Mischief at National Academy Museum in New York, May 2016, and visitor together with Girl and Rabbit, recycled paper and plastic, 2016, at my solo show You Can Read the Address By the Moon at Countee Cullen Library and Gallery in New York, June 2016.